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F.A.Q - Frequently asked questions

Is there any possibility to see the display house? If yes, where?

The display house may be visited in front of our office, at ul. Dąbrowskiego 281 in Poznań.

What kind of wood is used to construct your houses?

Our houses are constructed from Siberian spruce imported from faraway Russia. Currently, this is the best quality wood with the utmost durability.

How the foundation for the house shall be prepared?

The best solution is to assemble the house on the paving stone, or concrete topping (foundation, board) minimum 20cm thick, reinforced. If the house is supposed to be located on the area where strong winds occur, we recommend anchorages – PLN 100 per point. In case there is no possibility to prepare the foundation, we assemble houses up to 40m2 also on M6 concrete blocks.

How long does it take to assemble the house?

In case of a small house, the assembly takes one day. In case of a bigger project the assembly lasts several days more.

I do not have enough money to buy the house. What can I do?

It is not a problem for our company! We will help you obtain funding, leasing, credit. Visit the tab of “Leasing and Funding” to learn more.

What is the impregnation covered by the order?

This is a colorless impregnation of the external side of the house. The impregnation is placed by means of spray guns or a brush. The impregnation penetrates the wood structure protecting it for about 5 years. In practice, however, it turns best to conduct such impregnation once a year.

How to purchase the house?

Do your houses require a construction permit?

Houses with use areas up to 25m2-35m2 do not require construction permits. Such houses need only to be reported. No additional documents or designs are needed.

Is there any option to select the color of shingle for the house?

Obviously! We offer bituminous shingle in three colors: green, red and brown, whereas, shingle in graphite color is available at additional cost.

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