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      Our company has already been operating for 30 years in the market. Over that time, we have encountered many opportunities to use and extend our knowledge in the field of wooden houses construction, including both all-year houses as well as holiday ones. Next to the knowledge, we have gained also a large experience. However, the most important for us is the fact, and we say that proudly, that over that time we have gained hundreds of satisfied customers.

      We construct various types of wooden houses; both holiday as well as fully-fledged all-year houses. This is the basis of our offer to our customers. For many years, we have been extending our offer to meet customers’ expectations. That is why; our company manufactures not only wooden houses intended strictly for living. We offer you also tool houses, carports, conservatories, garden furniture and houses, as well as constructions such as garden saunas and tubs. We admit openly that wooden houses are our passion, similarly as establishing unique and long-lasting relations with our customers.

      Our wooden houses are distinguished by the highest quality which stem from a number of factors. First of all, we use the best materials. Siberian spruce, used by us, demonstrates perfect parameters. With the appropriate maintenance, buildings constructed from Siberian spruce are equally durable, long-lived and flame resistant as brick houses. Moreover, Siberian spruce has the best thermal parameters, thanks to which our log houses are cozy and warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer.

      Good materials constitute the basis for success; however, woodworking experts are also indispensable. Our team boasts a great deal of skills. We are able to meet expectations of even the most demanding customers. The experts of enjoy a broad range of expertise which is necessary in order to construct log houses charming with their esthetics.

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